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I wonder if we are going to get several Superboy_Primes posting in message boards, starting live journal accounts, blogs, etc...

Not that I should cast the first stone here....


Batgirl can't run for mayor! She is no told enough!

There is institution that specializes in running political campaigns. I'm not sure what they do exactly because half their webpage fails to load, but I think it's something like that.

Anyway, as an exercise (or joke?) their members are running mayor campaigns for fictional characters.

New Organizing Institute.

And here are the candidate pages:


Only Spidey is running for the Marvel party, but they are a bunch of communists so don't vote for him.

Well, this looks pretty good.

DC just put up in their blog a preview of Adventure Comics #1 starring Superboy (Kon-El).

Actually seems like fun. The art is not bad, but the guy should work more on his facial expressions. Everything else looks nice but Kon-El has this combination of exasperation and zombie on his face. Like the weight of ennui has crushed his spirit, leaving behind a pitiful mockery of a man filled with impotent hate for existence.

I don't think that's what the script was going for.

Fake Batman can't do proper dirty bat-talk.

An excerpt from: Penthouse Outs Nerd Hook-Up Central

Later, a giant of a man in a very official Batsuit joins me in line for a bottle of $4 water. I look at him and he looks back at me, irises extra blue against all the eye black under his cowl.

"You know there was a girl Robin," he says. "Stephanie Brown."

"Actually, if you count Carrie Kelly in The Dark Knight Returns, there were two girl Robins." I stretch the words out, making them luxurious, and curl my lips into a crooked come-hither grin.

Batman's smile is slow, seductive-and really freaking creepy with the head-to-toe-armor. Other than his height and the set of his jaw (not bad, but no Christian Bale), I have no idea what this guy looks like, but I do feel an instant familiarity and comfort level with him. If we were making out in my apartment and he unearthed my secret stash of Detective Comics, I wouldn't have to invent a story about how I was just holding them for a friend.

"Yes, I forgot about Carrie." He gives me a long once-over. "Will I be seeing you back at the cave tonight?"

No! no! No, fake Batman! The correct dirty response is "Will I be parking my batmobile in your batcave later tonight?"

An Apology for my last post over at Noscans_daily.

I wrote these words to apologize for the joke I wrote at the end of my post a few weeks ago and for offending so many people with it. I wrote this apology weeks ago too and sent it to stubbleupdate  asking her if she could post it. I do not know if she ever read it or simply decided not to do it. It’s not that simply letting the whole business die and not mention it again lacks merits, but I do believe I owe people an apology and an explanation, so I will do it in my own LJ. I don't know what good this will do since nobody involved follows this LJ, but it's something.

I have to say I did not understand why it bothered so many people. As far as I knew it was just a joke and I couldn’t see why anyone would take it the wrong way. That’s the way it was until keeni84  explained why she was angry in another comment.

"that tactic has been used (in particular against POC) to invalidate (our) thoughts and opinions."

After reading that I thought Oh crap… that does make sense.

I want to assure everybody that I never wrote that to invalidate anyone's opinion. I never meant to imply that anyone who disagreed with me would do it because they think I'm a crazy racist. I did it because in any discussion about race, from any point of view, someone is bound to call you a crazy racist no matter what you do. If you defend Affirmative Action, you are a reverse racist, if you are against it you are a racist. So I decided to joke and call myself a racist in a ridiculous way before anyone had the chance to do it. It just didn't occur to me that it could be very easily mistaken for a dirty tactic to invalidate disagreeing opinions. For that I apologize, it wasn't my intention to invalidate anyone's comments.

And last, I want to assure you all I am not apologizing as a lame attempt to get my ban lifted. I already asked the mods to never lift it. Or at least I asked stubbleupdate  who is no longer a mod in a private message she probably never read. But it is the thought that counts. I apologize because once it became clear to me why things went wrong, I have to agree that I should have thought that last part better. I shouldn’t have gotten so defensive before hand.

Still, the post was not a complete disaster. I noticed some people agreed with what I said, and plenty of them were not Americans. So, perhaps other people can carry on and complain that not all Japanese heroes have to be giant robots or magical schoolgirls, just like most heroes and villains from Haiti don't have to use Vodoun magic. Hopefully they will do this with better judgment than me.

Once again, I'm sorry if the joke offended you.

Fanfic: Tequila Sunset.

Title: Tequila Sunset
Characters: Kon/Cassie and short appearances of Cissie and Greta.
Rating: G
Summary: It’s Valentine’s day and Cassie expects poor Kon to screw up royally. Will he fail or will he succeed? Chan chan chaaaaaaan!
Word Count: 1405 (Woohoo! The word count is getting shorter!)
Prompt: “Sunset at the beach” given by museofspeed .
Disclaimer: All characters owned by DC, except maybe Superboy, I think. In any case I don’t own him.

NOTES: I started writing this for the Valentine’s day challenge, but I’m slower than crippled molasses so that didn’t happen. But since it also fits for the current Unusual Pairing challenge, it is on time for this one. Cassie / Kon is an unusual pairing? There are many things wrong with this world. This is one of them.

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